Trinity Fellowship

Trinity Fellowship believes in missions and mission work across the US and the world. We regularly pray for specific missions and ministries, and share information about them in our services and emails. We will highlight some of those works on this page.

We are proud to support Mid Atlantic Christian University in our monthly financial giving. MACU trains individuals to be Christian leaders. There are people all across the US who are ministers, leaders in local congregations, and leaders in their communities who studied at MACU, as well as ministers and missionaries working in 18 foreign countries. The college began in 1948, and has continued to be faithful to God and the Bible throughout its history. The school is very worthy of our prayer and financial support. You can gain more info by going to their website -

Mid-Atlantic Christian University's mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. Mid-Atlantic Christian University was established in 1948 as a response to several local ministers in eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia and is proud to have provided a superior Christian education to thousands of alumni who continue to serve all over the United States and throughout the world. Located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, we strive to transform a supportive and growing community of ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. At MACU, students can earn a bachelor's degree in biblical studies, youth and family studies, Christian arts and science, counseling, entrepreneurial leadership, and elementary education. MACU's academic program is organized into two schools - the School of Undergraduate Studies and the School of Professional Studies.

We also support ChristianRiders, founded by DQ and Beth Roberts, missionaries to bikers - They began the ministry in 1991, and continued to go to biker events across the country, setting up a tent and ministering to all with whom they come in contact. DQ and Beth were able to minister to bikers because they are bikers, and had gained the trust and respect of the biker community. They engaged in a difficult but very needed ministry. DQ went to his reward in Heaven in November,'13. We rejoice for him, but are sad for our loss. The ministry is continuing. Beth and the others involved in ChristianRiders still have a mission, and will continue to minister. We are continuing to support them in prayer as well as financially.