Trinity Fellowship

Why Trinity Fellowship?...

With so many other congregations in Alamance County to choose from, why TF?

Are you looking for a congregation that is close and cares about each other?

We really care about each other. When you share a prayer concern, you know that the others will be praying regularly for you. We take seriously the "one another" verses in the New Testament. We show each other that we care through service to each other. We are not only a friendly congregation - we are a caring, serving group.

Are you looking for a congregation where you can grow in your Christian life?

We know that living the Christian life in today's society is not always easy. Two of the things that help is our continued growth in our relationship with the Lord, and the relationships we have with other Christians. At TF, our studies and messages are from the Bible. You will learn more about the Bible, and practical ways to apply it to your daily life. You'll find that we share insights and experiences, as well as questions. We learn together. We know the value of fellowship in the Christian life, and we do a lot of it!

Are you looking for a congregation where you can use your gifts, talents and abilities?

We believe God has given each of us unique talents, interests, abilities, gifts which He wants us to use for Him. We encourage everyone to develop their ministry, and are supportive of each other. We believe that every believer has a ministry, not just paid staff, and want to help each other be creative in using what they have been given.

Are you looking for a congregation that believes in and follows the Bible?

TF is truly a Bible believing congregation. Our teaching comes from the Bible. We do our best to follow what God has given us through commands and examples.

Are you looking for a congregation that is contemporary while still following the Bible?

Unfortunately many contemporary congregations have changed Biblical teachings in order to be contemporary and reach out to people. We don't think you have to do that. We are contemporary but Biblical. We are not a part of any of the contemporary groups. We just feel that you can be contemporary in style while still being loyal to Biblical teaching and standards.

Are you looking for a congregation that is truly non-denominational?

TF is truly non-denominational. We are not part of any group of churches which has a headquarters and has a say-so in the running of local congregations. We set our rules and standards according to the Bible, and are autonomous.

For these and many other reasons, TF is unique among the area churches.