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August 1-17

Luxembourg  is a western Europe country between Belgium, France, and Germany.  It covers an area of 998 sq mi (NC is 53,819 sq miles) and has a population of 579,246.  ( NC has a population of 10,150,000). 

Luxembourg is a secular state, but the state recognises certain religions as officially mandated religions. This gives the state a hand in religious administration and appointment of clergy, in exchange for which the state pays certain running costs and wages. Currently, religions covered by such arrangements are Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Greek Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Russian Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Mennonitism and Islam.

Since 1980 it has been illegal for the government to collect statistics on religious beliefs or practices.

An estimation by the CIA Factbook for the year 2000 is that 87% of Luxembourgers are Catholic, including the royal family, the remaining 13% being made up of Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other or no religion.

Evangelical Christians make up only 0.87% of the population.

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